About Us

                    DJ DIMCO - (Dimitris Costantinou) born July 3rd. Half German half Cypriot. Had an Interested in music since the age of 12 and after years of friend's parties he dedicated more time leading to start DJ’ing in year 2000. He started DJ'ing to several bars,clubs & events in Cyprus. He also went to competition of DJ's in 2006 in Cyprus(for first time) in category of trance and from 300 DJ's he was number 21. Next year from 50 DJ's he was number 3. In 2011 he started to create his own music in collaboration with VoiceBox Studios, already released his first cd single “Creations” with 3 tracks listed 1.creations,2.feels I m falling,3.come and kiss me. voiced by Melanie Louise Symeou. In 2012 He released his second single called HOPING with hit singles ‘’Eternity’’ & ‘’In The Night’’ voiced by Jessica Winky Campbell and there was a remix of eternity in 2016 by DJ UltraHardGain. In 2014 until now he released more songs like his good one called Take this higher(re edit mix) , shiphorn (radio edit), bellsamania(radio edit). More songs and remixes to come in future. He is also a member of COME N CY productions which they are known in Cyprus and do different events and also radio shows on the internet. Folow him at soundcloud for new releases and also to find all the tracks that DJ Dimco releases at https://soundcloud.com/dj-dimco/tracks and on different internet sites to buy them. 

Support him as well at his Facebook page for more news and new releases. CLUBS: LARNACA: LOUNGE CLUB(2000-2007)-DMC CLUB(2007-2010)- GOLD CLUB(2010 GUEST)- MARRE(2011 GUEST) CLUB RICH(2013 GUEST)-CLUB DEEP(2013 GUEST).Paparazzi Club(2014-now) AGIA NAPA:(AQUA CLUB 2013) NICOSIA:CLUB TRENO(2004 GUEST) LIMASSOL:CLUB ECUINOX(2005 GUEST) PAPHOS: E CLUB(2007 GUEST) BARS: LARNACA: MOJITO BAR(2008-2010) DIVINE BAR(2008-2010)-KOZZIS BAR(2009 GUEST)-JUNGLE GARDENS BAR(2010-2014) AGIA NAPA: KAHLUA BAR(summer 2012 &2013&2014) Ecstasy Bar(2014 guest) Green bungalows pool bar( summer 2014)

He played with some DJ's from Cyprus: ECHOFUSION, DJ MAD MIKE, DJ VAN DL, Eftihios(blueracoon.fm) SCORPION P(fishbone records), DJ NG, DJ STEVE RICHARDS, DJ DEKZTA, DJ George Veekay& DJ Terra & DJ BLANCO & DJ JUNIOR & DJ FURBZ(COME N'CY PRODUCTIONS), DJ ZYKOV J(SOUND LINE.CY) DJ STEVE O(Team Zoo). 

He Dj's all genre of music and he makes the crowd having a party mood and forget the daily routine of life. When he DJ's he calls his night TAKE YOU HIGHER.